Love Sabre

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What is Love Sabre you ask? Love Sabre is a group of seven women – all of whom write romance in one form or another – who bonded over boredom and giggles at the 2015 Romance Writers of Australia Conference. While sitting together for the formalities on the final day of the conference these women started coming up with some of the most awkward, cringeworthy and embarrassing words and phrases that should never be seen in romance writing.

Of all the words and phrases that were thrown in the pot, the winning phrase was: sheathe your love sabre.

And from that, the Love Sabrists were born.

In order of our line up below, the Love Sabrists are: Melanie Coles, Tanya KeanKristine Charles, Megan Jane Colville, Rachael HowlettNardia Sheriff and L. Simpson.


Amongst other projects, we’re currently working on an anthology of short stories ranging from sweet to spicy and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Click here to come visit us at the Love Sabre website.


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