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From the time I was a toddler (and probably before that) my Mum and Dad instilled in me a love of words, and stories. I was that precocious kid who used to correct their pronunciation of words when they read to me before bed!

I think it’s that special time I had with both of them, and their encouragement to be always learning, that has led me to become a supporter of education and, for the last fifteen something years I have sponsored a Learning for Life student through The Smith Family.

Learning for Life is a program which provides support for students to go to, and stay at, school.

The latest report on the [Learning for Life] program [released in 2016] shows that highly disadvantaged students in Australia are achieving significantly improved educational outcomes through their participation in [the] Learning for Life program.

I  also support The Smith Family’s literacy programs, and I am a regular supporter of Aspect Australia. Aspect is Australia’s largest national service provider for people on the autism spectrum.

If you would like to support The Smith Family click here.

If you would like to support Aspect Australia click here.

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