(Broken) Heart

Tonight I was planning on going old-school with my ‘H’ inspiration as heart.

And I was planning to go down a more positive route. But inspiration isn’t really hitting tonight and, what I really want to do, is introduce you to my current main character, Katherine Montgomery.

This is a scene from my current work-in-progress that I won’t be using in its current form. It is, however, one of the first things I wrote when Katherine started to speak to me and, while it’s rough, I love this scene.

I warn you though it’s inspired more by broken heart than heart!

Adult content below.

Katherine breathed a sigh of relief as she slipped her key into the lock. Arriving home after a fourteen hour day at work, she hoped that Anthony, her boyfriend of the last 9 months, had left her some of the Thai takeaway that he’d been planning to bring over for dinner. She was starving and wanted, in order, Thai food, a hot shower and her big comfortable bed.

Walking further into her apartment, Katherine dropped her handbag and keys on the hall table and looked around. She’d expected to find Anthony sprawled on her couch with a container of Pad Thai, drinking a beer and watching the rugby games he’d recorded on her DVR last weekend. Instead, the couch was empty, the television off and Anthony was nowhere to be found.

Slipping out of her shoes and wandering into the kitchen, Katherine found the kitchen as clean as when she’d left that morning. No dishes in the sink, no takeout containers on the counter. She wondered if Anthony had been caught up at work too and wandered back to the hall table to grab her iPhone but there were no messages or missed calls. Odd, she’d have to give him a call and find out what happened.

Deciding to get changed out of her work clothes before she started to forage for food or called Anthony, Katherine padded down the hallway in bare feet towards her bedroom. She’d barely formed the thought that it was strange her bedroom door was closed before she opened it and stopped dead in her tracks. There, on the bed in front of her was her boyfriend, pants crumpled around his ankles, ploughing into what appeared to be a very naked blonde from behind. 

Katherine felt the lump form solidly in her chest as her eyes took in the pretty pink sundress tossed carelessly across her bedside table and the blue men’s shirt hanging artlessly from the antique coat rack in the corner. She’d bought that shirt for Anthony last Christmas. It matched his eyes. Strappy sandals and pieces of pale pink lace lingerie blazed a trail across the floor. A bright blue condom wrapper lay on the bed beside them, stark against the white sheets.

At least they’re practicing safe sex, Katherine thought choking back a laugh as she bordered on the edge of hysteria. Between the closed door, the rhythmic moaning and the slapping sounds they made as he took her so roughly, they’d obviously not heard her come in. Taking a deep breath, Katherine spoke. Loudly.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Anthony’s head whipped around and he stopped mid-thrust, causing his partner to mewl in dissatisfaction. 

“Baby. You’re not supposed to be home for ….” He turned his head to look at the alarm clock beside the bed and Katherine could see it as awareness dawned on his face. He’d miscalculated.

Katherine watched, somewhat horrified, as Anthony stepped back and slipped out of the girl beneath him. He began to walk towards her, his hand out as if he was calming a wild animal, his still erect penis bouncing up against his stomach.

“Baby…” he began, halting his progress across the room as she held her hand up to stop him.

Gathering all of the wits she had left, Katherine straightened up, looking Anthony in the eye. Quietly, she spoke. “I’m going out. I’ll be out for an hour. You and your friend will be gone by the time I get back. And, please, leave your key on the table.”

As she turned and left the room, Katherine thought that the smirk on Anthony’s face would haunt her until the day she died.

So that’s Katherine. You should know, I write romance and, while I like my angst, I like my endings happy ever after. So never fear… Anthony will get his!

See you back here tomorrow for ‘I’… I can’t decide between illicit, infatuated or indecent. Check back to see where I go!

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