It’s Q day… and that doesn’t make for a lot of word-based inspiration. Sex-Lexis had some really ugly ‘Q’ based words (check out quandong, queeb and quail for some particularly iffy ones).

Reading the list, and seeing quaaludes, I was thinking back to a book I read many years ago called Facades by Stanley Levine and Bud Knight (from recollection, it was a rollicking read!). It isn’t, unfortunately, in an e-book (I went hunting to download it and gather some inspiration…) so that idea went out the window. I could have gone with quiver or quickie… but I decided to go with quim (defined at http://www.sex-lexis.com/Sex-Dictionary/quim).

This is a piece I wrote a while back for the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest at http://www.rebeccagraceallen.com (who, in addition to being a pretty great competition master, writes some good stuff too!). As always, let me know what you think?

My professional name is Quim. I’m a working girl, servicing men in the upper echelon of society. Those men who value discretion and polish in their whore. It’s funny how even those supposedly knowledgeable men generally miss the irony of my name.

Right now, one of those men sits across from me, watching as I pose shamelessly against the wall for him, wearing only lingerie and stilettos.

Soon, I’ll move across the cavernous white room and he’ll guide me to my knees. He’ll push his cock between my lips and I’ll trace every ridge and vein with my tongue as he fucks my mouth, working himself down my throat. He’ll demand that I rub my clit as he takes me, that I spread my wetness around, readying myself for when he decides to fuck me.

When he’s ready, he’ll pull me to my feet and bend me over the back of the beautiful white leather lounge his wife bought, his hand flat between my shoulder blades. He’ll hold me down as he plunges deep inside, his mind focused solely on the place where his cock enters my cleft.

He’s nothing if not predictable. They’re all predictable.

I am just quim.

See you back here tomorrow for ‘R’ day.  Something a little different with some ‘romance’ inspiration!

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