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It’s ‘K’ day in the A to Z Challenge and I’ve decided to go back to the beginning of my flash fiction journey.

I wrote today’s little snippet as my first entry in a flash fiction competition. I didn’t win (I did win the Virgin Award for my first time in the competition) but I loved the little taste. And when I thought of ‘kitchen’ as today’s inspiration, I thought of this.

Let me know what you think.

Adult content below.

I looked back at him sprawled across the bed, beautifully naked, his head hanging backwards off the side at an uncomfortable angle. I remembered the feel of his waist tight between my knees, his chest hard and cock deep inside me, his fingers pulling and twisting at my nipples as I rode him into unconsciousness. Having now experienced his apparently natural abilities, I’d never have guessed that he was a virgin.

Wearing only black lace, I padded barefoot into the kitchen, mentally running through Nanna’s recipe for cherry pie. Scott would need sustenance when he woke, before he took me again, and I needed a distraction while I gave him time to recover. Starting with the pastry, I mixed and measured, kneading the dough out on the bench. 

Absorbed in my kneading, and a little daydreaming, I didn’t hear him move up behind me, wasn’t aware of him until he pressed against me, his cock needy against my lower back. 

“Keep kneading,” he murmured, slipping his fingers beneath my lace, unerringly finding my clit and working me to a rapid climax. My knees released and we both slipped to the floor, all thoughts of cherry pie replaced by him. 


I’ll be back tomorrow for ‘L’ day… brought to you by the word ‘lascivious’.


I’m catching up! I certainly wasn’t expecting to be writing this at 9:23 pm today, but I’m here and I am. Today (well, yesterday) was ‘J’ day in the A to Z Challenge and today’s inspiration is jewellery.

Who doesn’t love jewellery. And even more so, who doesn’t love Tiffany’s (this first photo is actually mine!  A photo of their store on Fifth Avenue in New York).


So tonight I thought I’d do a 200 word flash fiction inspired by jewellery.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think…

The morning sun slipped underneath the half lowered blinds, spotlighting the mess of clothes strewn across the floor. The empty bottle of champagne stood on the side table, flanked by the beautiful crystal flutes, still partly full. As she roused and stretched, she rubbed the back of her hand against her face. And scratched the hell out of her cheek. 

Then she remembered.

“Will you marry me?”

“Fuck. Yes! Of course yes!”

Holding her left hand out in front of her and wiggling her fingers she admired the beautiful ring. Although they’d never discussed rings, he’d listened well over the years and had, without any help, picked the exact ring she would have picked for herself. A beautiful, brilliant round diamond flanked on each side by a blood red rubies in a simple platinum setting. It was gorgeous.

“Good morning, Mrs Martin.”

She giggled. “I’m not Mrs Martin yet. Still Ms Taylor here.”

“Mmmm,” he mumbled, pressing his lips to the back of her neck. “We have to fix that. And soon. When should we get married?”

“Lots to plan,” she murmured, rubbing herself back on his morning erection.

“Hmmmm, yes,” he agreed, pushing back. “Plan later?”

“Yes. Much later.”

And we’re done… much later than I intended! See you tomorrow for ‘K’.

G is for Grind

I’m so tired! It’s been a long few weeks here, and between trying to keep up at home, at work and with my writing, all I really want to do is crawl into bed and stay there for an extended period of time.

It’s been such a… grind.

Which leads me to today’s ‘G’ word inspiration – grind. And I’ve decided to give myself a little 200 word dirty talking challenge…  As always, I’d love to hear what you think.

Beware, there is adult content and language below.

“Oh… ah… yes… right there.”

His thick fingers were deep inside me, stroking at just the right spot to make me clench and moan. The heel of his hand pressed against me, and I pushed down, grinding against him, wanting more, more something. More friction, more heat, more of him.

“Jesus, look at you riding my hand,” he muttered, wiggling his fingers inside me. “So fucking wet for me.”

He pushed his fingers deeper, rocking his hand against me as I ground against it, reaching for release. Then he pulled his hand away.

“No, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

He just grinned and brought his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean. “Do you want my fingers or my cock?”

Wow. Tough question.

“Cock. I want your cock.”

“Good answer babe,” he said, shifting between my legs, his knees pressing my thighs apart. He settled back on his heels, idly rubbing his hand up and down his shaft as he watched me. “Such a pretty pussy.”

“For god’s sake, just fuck me!”

He laughed and leaned forward, guiding his cock inside me in one smooth slide.

“Oh, yes. Fuck yes.”

“So hot and wet around me.”

“Yes. Yes. More. Please.”

And yes, leaving you slightly unsatisfied, but I hit my 200 word goal, sorry!

See you tomorrow for ‘H’ – heart.

French kiss

Day seven and I’m still here, although it’s been a long day and I almost forgot today’s post! Let’s hope I get it finished before I fall asleep!

Today is ‘F’ day and, after much internal deliberation, the word inspiration for the day is ‘French kiss’ and is used in a little flash fiction.

“Crap, it’s really cold,” I said, sliding out of the taxi.

He looked at me, eyes sliding up and down my bare legs as he handed me the umbrella. “I know, but we don’t have far to go.”

The day had been miserable, misty and damp, but we were in Paris and the weather didn’t seem to matter. Waking up late, we took time to make ourselves even later. When we finally rolled out of bed, we’d enjoyed a very late breakfast of flaky pastries and coffee in a little patisserie in the Latin Quarter and then spent a few hours wandering through beautiful art in the Musee d’Orsay. He’d dragged me away on closing, hurrying me back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner.

“Are you okay to walk in those shoes?” he asked, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. “I mean, I like them, but they’re not really made for walking.”

“They’re fine. I’m used to them.”

He grabbed my hand and tugged me across the plaza, apparently a little excited about his plans for tonight. Then, all of a sudden, he stopped and pulled me into his arms, the umbrella tilting to the side as my hands came to rest on his chest.

“I love you,” he murmured, pressing his lips against my forehead.

“And I love you,” I replied, lifting my face towards his. “Thank you for this weekend.”

“My pleasure.”

I laughed. “It will be your pleasure later, but only if I don’t freeze to death first! Let’s find this restaurant, okay?”

Just a little snippet tonight… but as always, I want to know what you think. Or feel free to explore the site a little!

See you tomorrow with ‘G’.


Oh wow… it’s been a day and, for a few hours this afternoon, I thought I wasn’t going to make day one of the A-to-Z Challenge.  But I did…  It’s not particularly polished but I’ve got a little snippet below!

Today’s word inspiration is, as the title of this post suggests, aphrodisiac.  And did you know that strawberries have apparently been an aphrodisiac since the times of ancient Rome.  They’re also good for you; strawberries contain more vitamin C than other berries as well as a good amount of potassium, folic acid and some iron and fibre.

He bit the tip of the strawberry and chewed thoughtfully, looking down at the woman sprawled wantonly beneath him. She was lush, all creamy pale skin and heavy curves with long dark hair spread wildly beneath her on the pillow. Leaning forward he dragged the strawberry down the side of her neck and over the swell of her breast, following the line of sweet strawberry juice with his tongue. As he found her nipple and started to suck, she moaned and arched up against him. He pulled away with a pop and rubbed the strawberry over the hard point.

“You like that?” he asked with a grin.

“You know I do,” she replied, cupping her own breasts and arching towards him. “Please.”

He laughed and took another bite of the strawberry, rubbing it over her lips as he chewed and swallowed, then pressing it into her mouth. He enjoyed teasing her.
She took a bite, claiming the rest of the plump fruit and he dropped the little bundle of leaves back onto the plate on the table beside the bed. She’d only just finished chewing when he claimed her strawberry stained lips with his own, demanding entrance with his tongue.

She let him in, matching his demands with hers and they kissed, rolling from one side of the massive king sized bed to the other, laughing and sighing, enjoying the play. Tangled up in the crisp white sheets, they eventually came to a stop, with her astride him, his erection pressing hard between her legs.

“You’re gorgeous,” he murmured, tugging the sheet away from her torso. He slid his hands up over her hips and waist, cupping her breasts in his hands. He rolled the nipples between his fingers and grinned as the blush spread over her chest and neck, travelling up to her cheeks. “You’re especially gorgeous when you blush.”

See you tomorrow with my “B” post.  Tomorrow’s inspiration is “bad sex”!