It’s getting hot in here…

I’m in Sydney and it’s hot here today.  Not as hot as was predicted (thankfully!) but it’s hot.  So I’m indoors, drinking coffee, writing and enjoying the air-conditioning.  No one ever said I wasn’t contrary.

Others, however, are enjoying the outdoors and, of course, I thought of this little outdoor flash …

This was another Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction entry over at, with a gorgeous prompt picture (see the bottom of the post, again, it’s not my photo… credit where credit is due).

If you like it, let me know?

The bark was rough beneath her fingers, the sun warm on her bare skin.  His stubble tickled and his breath was hot as his lips moved against her shoulder.

“I’m going to fuck you.  Hard.  Here, where anyone might come along and see us.”

She whimpered, his crude words and rough voice provoking another rush of moisture between her legs.

“Dirty girl.  You want that don’t you?” he asked, his fingers probing, pushing inside her.  “Do you want someone to see me fucking you?”

Unable to articulate her desire, she bent forward, and rubbed her ass against his swollen cock.  He took her invitation and thrust into her, deep and hard and fast.

“I love your pussy.  So hot and wet around my cock.  Always so ready for me.”

He slipped one hand over her hip and splayed it low over her belly, putting pressure there and holding her against him.  He hooked his other arm around her neck and traced her lips with his finger.

“Suck.  Taste yourself on me.”

She sucked, tasting her salty flavour on his skin, before biting down on his finger.

“Naughty girl,” he chuckled, pinching her clit in retaliation.  “Come for me.  Now.”

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