I’m still here!

Yep, I’m still around, but real life and a summer cold with related side effects (boo!) has seen me be very absent from my newly minted social media platforms for the last few weeks.

But today sees me getting back into the swing of things… and posting another snippet as a little ‘pre-Christmas’ present.

It’s yet another Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction entry (www.rebeccagraceallen.com), photo prompt below.

Don’t forget to drop me a line if you like it (@wordsbykc on Twitter or Kristine Charles on Facebook).


She loved the silky soft skin stretched tight over his hot, hard cock as he pushed into her mouth.  The veins were prominent, textured against her lips.  His pubic hair was trimmed close against his skin but it tickled her face as she swallowed him down. 

She loved the pull of his hand tangled in her hair, holding her as he rhythmically thrust in and out of her mouth, working himself deeper down her throat.  She closed her eyes and focused on breathing through her nose, working her lips and tongue against him, wanting to please him, to make him come.

She loved the rough texture of the wool of his trousers against her hands as she held his hips to steady herself, reminding her that she was completely naked and he was mostly clothed.  She listened to the jingle of his belt and the rasp of his breathing as he used her to bring himself over the edge.

She loved that moment when the cold metal of his wedding ring brushed against her skin, cupping her cheek as he slowly withdrew his softening cock.

She loved him.  And, as he lowered her to the ground, he would love her.

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