Bad Sex!

Today is day two of the A-to-Z Challenge and my inspiration phrase is: bad sex!

We’ve all had it… and yet in many romance novels all the sex is good (really good…!) so I thought it would be fun to try something different.

Note that adult content follows below.

Taking a deep breath, she wriggled around the bed, trying to get comfortable. He took that as encouragement.

“Yeah, baby, you feel so good. You’re so wet around my huge cock.”

She turned her head, stifling a laugh and disguising it as a moan. He’d held so much promise in the club, a gorgeous six foot something hunk of man with a rock hard body covered in well fitting jeans and a tight black t-shirt. She had to admit she was a little surprised when he approached her, but he was hot, he’d bought her alcohol, he’d moved well on the dance floor and he’d been able to kiss. General consensus among her friends was that at least three of the four noted characteristics signalled some promise for for skill in bed. They’d all been wrong.

His hips jerked between her legs, his pelvis slapping against her as he moved. She slipped her hand between them, circling her finger around her swollen clit. She figured that tonight, if she wanted to come, it was going to be up to her, as he seemed to have no idea. She arched up, angling her pelvis, trying to maneuver him into the right spot.

“Oh, oh, fuck…”

She moved her finger faster but it was no use. As he came, she knew she wasn’t going to get there tonight. She sighed as he slowed between her legs, his face resting against her neck, panting wetly against her skin.

“Was it good for you?” he asked, eyes bright and looking at her expectantly.

She avoided the desperate need to roll her eyes. “Of course baby,” she lied, patting his face. “You were great.”

“Awesome.” And with that, he rolled off her, pulled the condom off, dropped it beside the bed and settled down, making himself comfortable.

“How about you make us some sandwiches? I’ve worked up an appetite.”

‘C’ you tomorrow… I haven’t decided on which of two words I’m going with tomorrow, so you’ll have to check back and see what I come up with!

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