Today’s ‘C’ word is cheating… and I’m introducing you to Greta Jones in a little dialogue exercise (and yes, I’m also slightly cheating as I’ve had this piece written for a while!).

Greta is 24 and works as a secretary in a small law office in a small country town. She’s married to James Jones and they have a six year old son, Blake. Greta’s weakness is her love for James, which has probably kept her in the relationship longer than she should have stayed.

James is 28 and works as a labourer. His weaknesses are ladies and liquor, not necessarily in that order.

We meet Greta as she’s waiting for James to get home… when he gets there, Greta accuses him of having an affair.

Note that adult language follows below.

“You’re late.” 

“I just walked in the bloody door and you’re already on my back. Fuckin’ hell. Where’s my food?”

“You’re late. You said you’d be home three hours ago. Your dinner is on the table. It’s cold.”

“Fuckin’ hell. You can’t do anythin’ right can you?”

“Your dinner was hot three hours ago. When you said you’d be home. Where have you been?”

“I’ve been out.”

“Out where?”

“None of your fuckin’ business.”

“You’ve been drinking.”

“Yes. Fuckin’ oath I’ve been drinkin’. I work hard. I’m fuckin’ allowed a beer with the boys after work.  What? What the fuck are you lookin’ at me like that for?”

“Are you having an affair?”

“What the fuck?”

“Are you having an affair?  Well?  Will you answer my question please. You’ve not been out drinking beers with the boys, you smell like scotch and flowers. So, are you having an affair?”

“Leave it alone Greta.”

“No James, I won’t leave it alone. Please don’t lie to me. Are you having an affair?”

“What the fuck do you want me to say Greta? You want me to tell you I’ve been fuckin’ around?”

“I want you to tell me the truth James.”

“No, you don’t Greta. You want me to stand here and tell you that you’re crazy and that everythin’ll be okay. You and your fuckin’ fairy tales.”

“They’re not fairy tales James. And please don’t yell at me, you’ll wake Blake. I know you’re having an affair with Debra.”

“Well, fuck me. If you know everythin’, what’ya asking me for?”

“So, it’s true?”

“Fuckin’ hell. I give up. Yes. Yes, it’s true. I’ve been fuckin’ Debra Harrison six ways from Sunday. You weren’t puttin’ out, I had to get it somewhere.”

“How dare you. I’ve been here holding down a full time job and raising our son. I’m sorry if that didn’t leave me a lot of time to ‘put out’ for you.”

“Man’s got needs Greta. I mean, if you’re not givin’ it up… what did you expect me to do?”

“You’re an asshole James. What did you expect of me?”

“You’re my wife. You’re supposed t’look after all my needs.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“I dunno. Since Blake’s birthday.”

“Jesus James. That’s over nine months. We’ve been together during that time. Have you been safe?”

“What d’you mean?”

“Condoms James! Did you use condoms with her?”

“Fuck no, you know I hate those things.”

“What, so now you’re gonna cry? You wanted to know.”

“Get out. Pack your things and get out of my house.”

“It’s my fuckin’ house too. I pay for it. I’m not leavin’.”

“Get out. I want you gone.”

“I’m not fuckin’ goin’ anywhere. You wanted to know. Now you know. And you have to deal with it. I’m goin’ to bed.”

And that’s it for day three.  I’ll be back tomorrow for ‘D’ day.  See you then!

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