I think I can… the next Sunday Snippet

I’m here. You’d be forgiven for thinking I was dead… well, maybe not dead but otherwise indisposed or kidnapped or taken by aliens or locked in the Red Room with Christian Grey (actually, that last one could be a maybe, yes please?!) because I’ve missed weeks #2 and #3 of the Sunday Snippet.  But noneContinue reading “I think I can… the next Sunday Snippet”

It’s not quite New Year’s yet…

But, it’s a ‘new year’ for my site, so I thought I’d post a New Year’s Eve flash fiction that was written for the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction competition over at http://www.rebeccagraceallen.com.  The photo prompt I used is above (credit to the photographer… it’s not mine) and the word prompt was ‘bubbly’!  Let me know what youContinue reading “It’s not quite New Year’s yet…”